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It’s okay, Giants kid. It could have been worse. The ball could have hit you in the face.

July 20, 2011 5 comments

If he weren’t blatantly wearing a “Giants” sweatshirt, wouldn’t you think this kid’s an O’s fan?

In other news, um… in actual news… the schedule is out for next year- opening against Detroit! Which means coworker Jeff and I will have to draw a line across the office.

Home opener will be against the Rays.

If you buy me a ticket, I’ll even stay at your house!


The internet is full of lively discussions about our Soxies. One that caught my eye: Why is JD Drew still playing for the Sox?

Anyone else think he sort of flew under the radar? He’s inconsistent. When he is good, he is very good. But when he is bad, he is… um… blah.

I don’t know. It’s hard, this transition. From being a JD Drew apologist to starting to see merit in the discussion…

Bill Ballou of the Worcester Telegram says there are a few reasons Drew’s still in the lineup:

Money is one reason. Even though Drew’s contract is almost up, the Sox still hope for one final hot month out of him to help them win in 2011. And I can’t imagine Reddick won’t take over in right field starting with this homestand when Ortiz’ suspension is done with. Drew’s career has, indeed, been a history of unfulfilled potential. It’s an interesting business, since he has made about as much money not fulfilling that potential as he would have had his career been as good as expected.

Thoughts? Is he really THAT bad? Can’t we put him the okay plus category?


Bad news. ESPN says it’s likely we will not get Beltran.

So, if Beltran’s out, who is your ideal add? I hesitate to put any temps on the roster. I’d like more in-it-for-the-long-haul guys. No more Jason Bay heartbreakers.

Here’s a vote for Erik Bedard.

Here’s a vote for D-Lowe.


oh. We won, btw. 4-0. How do you like them apples, Showalter?



How do you lose to a sandwich? WELL, I’LL TELL YOU.

June 30, 2011 3 comments

Well, guys… We’ll always have New York…




Okay. So. I didn’t watch the game. Wasn’t working. Wasn’t saving puppies from fires. Was intentionally. Not. Watching. Yeah. That’s right. I didn’t watch a game. What? I have friends. I DO.

I had a social function. With people. And when I said, “um, I will be late. I kind of want to watch the game,” Chris said, “If you miss a party for a baseball game in JUNE, I will make fun of you.”

And then I saw this game yesterday. Where. We. Um. Mega lost. And I said… John Lackey… I do not feel like watching you. And so I didn’t.

That’s right, Lackey. You aren’t the boss of me. AND, APPARENTLY, YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF THE MOUND.

I see the “sputtered offense is stymied again.” Good use of alliteration, If I weren’t SO ANNOYED at this game, I would be impressed with your 10th grade retention.

It’s not the two runs that you gave up, Lackey. It happens. Really. It does. It’s the EIGHT hits.


And the Braves won. So. Um. The like… TWO baseball fans I know. They’ll be thrilled. Thanks, guys. Thanks.

“He had great mound presence, and we were all very impressed,” Pedroia said. “It’s really good for a kid that young to have a presence like that on the mound. He’s going to be a good one.”

STOP COMPLIMENTING THE SANDWICHES, PEDROIA. I cannot handle your tact. I have been drinking.

“Did that guy just come up or something? Man, because he looked pretty good to me,” Ortiz said of Worley. “He had decent stuff, and it really looks like he’s been around for a long time.


And David Ortiz, maybe… instead of complimenting a sandwich hurler, you could be… oh… I don’t know… FIGURING OUT HOW TO HIT THE DAMN BALL.

Useless. You are all USELESS.

Except for you, Youkilis. You are in my heart. BUT NOT BECAUSE OF THIS DAMN GAME.

When are we going to turn it around, hmm, Bruce? See, it was almost better in April when we were consistent bags of fail. You know. Because we didn’t know any better. The bar was already at fail. Now, we’ve experienced Stankee sweeps and regular stompings. Fail. Fail. Fail.

It’s these damn shithawks. I’m telling you.


You should watch this. It will educate you. Musically. Imagine I’m Eponine. I always do when I watch that clip.


PS- I’m kind of glad I have no Red Sox tickets. And don’t live in Boston. That’s not true. I’d like to at least see the failure in person.