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Vicente Padilla went serial killer on his hamstring but I think Neve Campbell got away.

Padilla, arguably the scariest man to ever wear a “B” hat, says he pulled a hamstring lifting weights. But there are lots of ways scary serial killer-looking people pull hamstrings, you know…

To be clear, Vicente, I’m not saying you ARE a serial killer. I’m just saying you LOOK like one. PLEASE DON’T HURT ME.

Anyway, in grand Sox fashion, Padilla is out before he’s even gotten a chance to give his crazy face to Verlander.

Did those eyes mangle anyone else’s soul just now?

It’s okay, guys. ONE injury isn’t going to… oh. Hi, Andrew Miller.

Red Sox left-hander Andrew Miller threw only three pitches in the seventh inning before signalling to the dugout that he was in physical distress.

Okay. I get that you want to fit in, Andrew. Can I call you Andrew? But pulling a SEPTEMBER isn’t the way to do it.

Wait. Hold the phone.


Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?


Quick! Let’s go upstairs!

Is anyone else really not caring about this ST game? It kind of just makes me, like ALL Toronto games, miss John Farrell…

John Farrell, BY THE WAY, doesn’t seem to think Bard’s so smacktastic either.

“It’s getting back to the full length of the season and the total number of innings pitched,” he said. “So when you’re counting on a guy to be an inning-eating starting pitcher, that might be a (multi-) year process.”

See- and we don’t have multi-years, sir. We need to start kicking ass yesterday. That is the ONLY way to get them to shut up about the damn chicken.

You kicked ass today. That’s great. I’m thrilled. Truly. But I’m not dazzled. You can’t dazzle me in an ST game. I’m still wait and see on you, Bard. Wait and see.

So, I have decided to be much more interactive, Soxies. Hence the renewed action on Twitter. Don’t follow me on Twitter? Just a hint- but there are some neat things coming in April- so you might want to get into the Twitter magic by clicking here.

Anyway, I asked the Twitter kids what THEY would like to see in a blog- and they responded. So, stay tuned for that. A nice, easy way to bring back everyone’s favorite… ASK TOO SOXY!

So. TWITTER ME. ASAP. And don’t change that dial. Neat things are coming. Neat things.

I’m very twitterable. Just ask around.


  1. March 20, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Miller is out of options. He needed a hamstring “pull” so the Sox could DL him rather than demote him.

  2. March 20, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    If I Saw Him Walking Slowly Behind Me On The Streets At Night, I’d Likely Die From The PURE TERROR!!!
    He’s A Damned Scary Dude, FO SHO, Ms.Soxy!!!

  3. March 21, 2012 at 1:35 am

    When Miller was with the Tigers, he was a very good prospect, and a big part of the deal that brought Cabrera to Detroit. I really thought that the BoSox could turn him into a big league pitcher.
    I’d be happy to follow you on Twitter, and you can follow me, too: @MinorBaseball

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