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Waiting is horrible. But Youkie’s back. Did he ask about me, Nick?

Today’s the day I decide my immediate future. And we all know how much I suck at making decisions. And there’s waiting involved this time. And other assorted patience-testing factors. Apparently I’m a patience fail.

So, I’m trying to distract myself at work.

But I can’t distract myself at work, see, because it’s a slow news day. And because work is entwined in all this inner turmoil waiting drama.

I could distract myself by reading the In Defense of John Lackey article… but I’ll just feel guilty. You know. About this.

So instead, I’ll read interviews with Kevin Youkilis over and over. Oh, Youkie, how I’ve missed you…

Now that Youkie’s back, I feel like everything’s going to be okay again.

“It’s just playing the game and not worrying about other stuff and the media hype and things that are going on. Because if you’re going crazy with that stuff, it’s going to eat you all up.

“If you just play the game, not worry, not read what’s put out there, everything that’s said, it handles itself.’’

What sage, smart advice. I’m going to print that out and put it on my “goodbye” notes at work.

And he’s better, guys! He’s better- he’s back- and he’s Youktastic (I’m trying to get that word to catch on since Posada ruined my last trend).

“I’ve been cleared,’’ he said. “For the past two weeks, I’ve felt great, my whole body. There are little things here and there, this time of year, you have to get going and ramp it up. I’ve started to ramp up as much as I can, and I feel great, healthy, lifting with no restrictions.’’

No restrictions, eh?

I know a gal who loves you that’s moving in two weeks. And she has heavvvvvy couches…

And, craziness, he was Beantown for a Youk’s kids event that featured Gavin DeGraw- of “Sweet Chariot” and “Not over you” acclaim… the same Gavin DeGraw who was in Boone last November. This is crazy, see- because I’ve been having these really weird dreams- kind of heavily Gavin with a little Youk thrown in. Very strange, considering I was lapse in my Youk news and didn’t know they were together. It’s like one of them is trying to contact me!

I keep dreaming he’s back in Boone and I’m interviewing him and we have these deep conversations. I bet Gavin and Youkie have deep conversations. I bet Youkie has SUCH deep conversations. Right. Back to Gavin DeGraw. Who I am now following on Twitter.

Gavin shows are a blast- probably best concert I’ve covered in the past two years (save Patti Lupone. Nothing can beat Patti Lupone)- so, if you have the opportunity to go (esp if it’s at a smallish venue like Farthing Auditorium)- do it. Do it now. If I get bored later (and Delaware still hasn’t called about the job and/or I’m still agonizing over Delaware vs Raleigh), I’ll go into a little more dream detail. Youk was there. You might have been too, actually…


So. Um. Know any good jokes? Any good Youk memories? DISTRACT ME, PLEASE.

  1. S. D. Horne
    January 29, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    Youk throwing his helmet at Porcello (?). I enjoyed that way too much. But, hey, I’d get angry if 5 oz balls of leather hit me really hard as often as it happens to Youk.

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