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Oswalt out, Jackson in. So. Um.

Edwin Jackson. Rumor has it, we’re looking at him over Roy Oswalt. Which, you know, could answer the question, WHY THE FRICK HAVEN’T WE SIGNED ROY OSWALT?

So- is Jackson worth the Scut monies?

Like in all things, we turn to our trusty friend for the answers.


Edwin Jackson, Wiki says, was born in Germany. Okay. But he’s an American professional baseball player. His father was a German army cook, see. Okay. In 2011, he was both a White Sox and a Cardinal. Mmm-K. He threw a no-hitter in 2010.

There was a time when Jackson was regarded as one of the premiere pitching prospects in baseball (after posting sub-4.00 ERAs in AA and the majors at age 19 in 2003), but poor showings in AAA and MLB after that season ended his status as a “can’t-miss” prospect.[citation needed] He made his major league debut on September 9, 2003, his 20th birthday. In that game, he pitched 6 innings, giving up just one run and out-pitched Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson to earn his first career major league victory.

He tied with James Shields to lead Tampa to 14 victories in 2008

Jackson is one of a minority of MLB starting pitchers who relies almost exclusively on two pitches, a mid-90’s fastball and an effective power slider.[12].

No interesting personal info, wikipedia? None at all? How are we supposed to make a judgment on numbers alone?!

On July 29, 2011, Edwin Jackson pitched his first game as a Cardinal and threw 7 strong innings, leading St. Louis to a blowout win over their rivals the Chicago Cubs.

Uh oh, guys. He’s another Scott Boras. WE DON’T HAVE 214 MILLION DOLLARS! It’s okay. Breathe, Lauren. Breathe. Sometimes Scott Boras makes mega-fails. Like with Ryan Madson.

What do our friends at Over the Monster have to say?

Jackson isn’t as good as Roy Oswalt, and maybe not as good as Gavin Floyd, but at this stage, he likely would be cheaper than either: Oswalt is reportedly looking for around $8 million per year, and Floyd, while inexpensive monetarily in terms of the luxury tax, will cost the team in prospects. At the least, he is durable, averaging 208 innings per year over the last three years, and 202 over the last four, and his ERA+ since he left Tampa Bay is an above-average 108.

How about the Globe’s Peter Abraham?

For a guy who has been traded six times, the 28-year-old Jackson has pretty good numbers (a fWAR of 11.2 the last three seasons) and is a decent bet to produce a good season. But he’s also a Scott Boras client.

And the folks at Bleacher Report say Jackson is vital to “keep the Cardinals on top.”

Jackson might be a good fit… but what happened to Oswalt?

What are your thoughts, nation? Are we bargain-binning- or is this move something we can brag about on our facebook statuses?


  1. Paul Danahy
    January 25, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    The following teams are (on paper) BETTER than our SOX:Stanks-Rays-Angels-Tigers and Rangers.
    Does anyone think that Mr.Edwin Jackson is going to leap frog us over any one of them ?

  2. January 25, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Oswalt still has something to offer. He must be asking for more coin so that is where the “prefer” nowcomes from. Prefer = Cheap. Sounds like Ben is still scrimping together pennies like he’s trying to buy baseball cards at checkout instead of checking out real-live baseball players for Fenway.

  3. Dan
    January 25, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    If I was Roy Oswalt, I wouldn’t want to come to Boston and play in the AL East. I would stick to the NL, put up decent numbers, and pursue a multiyear deal in the offseason.

  4. January 25, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Boras is going to get Edwin Jackson way more than he deserves, as he did for Prince Fielder. I mean 9 years for a big dude who can barely run and field now.

    I’d much rather have Oswalt for a year. Plus you don’t have to deal with Boras. He’s been on his soapbox about how Jackson deserves $15 million. Maybe he gets $10. Hopefully $8 million.

    The simple fact is the Jackson just isn’t that good. The 1.400 WHIP is terrible.

    The there’s the obvious one from a fan and team’s vantage point.

    Oswalt is a borderline HOF pitcher, who people will come to watch pitch and buy his jersey.

    Edwin Jackson sucks.

    I can just see the shirts, “Jackson swallows” shirts out in August – based on his 5+ ERA. I just don’t see that one working out for the Red Sox.

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