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Cody Ross. Your kids’ names are cool.

I’d like to take a break from the Cody Ross-as-a-player fan van, and point out that, according to wikipedia, his kids have cool names: Haven Leigh and Hudson. Okay, Cody Ross. Okay.

Back to the fan van- it’s official (I’m using a Fox News link just for you, Tim Thomas).

Cody Ross agreed to sign with the Boston Red Sox, giving them an experienced hitter with postseason success on his resume to help replace J.D. Drew in right field.

Is experienced another word for old?

31-years-old. You know. In a few weeks, I’ll be 28. So yeah. 31 is old, alright.

Ross was the MVP in the 2010 Championship Series. That’s great! Oh. It was the National Championship League Series. Hmmm. Guess it doesn’t count…

In Game 3 of the World Series he hit the first home run off Colby Lewis.

Okay. Okay.

I’m going to be positive about this. I mean, I don’t know if he was worth the bank to put an Oswalt acquisition in jeopardy. You know. Since everyone’s saying we got rid of the Scut for, you know, Oswalt…

But. Okay.

Oh, goody, kids… he has a fan blog! We can have fun with this. I can’t wait to see what Cody Ross fans have to say about… oh. Zero comments, Cody Ross blog? Damnit, Cody Ross blog, you are disappointing.

It’s okay, Cody Ross. You’re in the nation now. We’re much louder than what you’re used to. Might want to leave that off-the-boat-wide-eyed-thing in Arizona.

Here’s something interesting. He’s from Carlsbad, New Mexico and went to high school with his wife.

Cody’s favorite player is Ken Griffey Jr., who he named his dog after. Cody had the unlucky luck to go on the DL just after getting traded from L.A. to the Reds. While on the DL, guess who else was on DL? Yep, Cody got to work out with Griffey Jr. while they were “healing”. Now there’s a dream come true.

Um. Okay.

So. Um. We both have dogs.


Why can’t we make a move that I could be actually excited about? You know, and not wikipedia-ing for fake excitement?


PS- SOME PEOPLE sure get excited about this guy…


  1. January 24, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Loved that SF Giants vid. Lou Seal will now be moved from Mascot to the active roster, replacing Cody.

  2. January 24, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Hopefully, he’ll be a great signing. Just as long as he doesn’t pull a Crawford.

  3. Cavemanrossfan
    March 27, 2012 at 9:47 am

    Okay so I grew up hearing Cody Ross’s name in baseball & all around school. And after graduating you think it all ends, WRONG!! When he left for Detroit staight out of school it was no surprise. And all i could think was finally i’ll quit hearing his name every where i turn. But then a knock at my door & there he stood,REALLY, no biggie to me i grew up around this guy, but to my little brothers, IT’S CODY ROSS, uuhhh is all i could think.But he was there to see our English Bulldog Rocko, he has the biggest love for Bulldogs & this one stole his heart & he made up his mind that this was the kind of dog for him. He is & has always been a very talented baseball player there is no denying it. But he wasnt the typical ball player from C-BAD who’s ego over shadowed his raw talent. Most players who get picked from here out of school play a few years & come home to work in the oil patch. But not for Cody we all knew he was going to be something different. Cody has always had a great attitude towards everything he’s ever done & everyone he ever met. He was amgreat student & a superior athlete. Not just a baseball player an athlete,someone who has the ability to pick something up & be great at doing it no matter what sport it may be. His now wife is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, & ya they went to school together, just another example from each of them about loyalty & true detication. I also went to school with his wife from elementary school till graduation. And quite honestly they are both the most real down to earth genuine humble people I have ever known. His wife was a very talented dancer & was also a cheerleader for the Cavemen among other scholary accomplishments. Cody had an amazing senior year in baseball,that caused the whole town to rally behind him & scouts from all around to come & watch, in Caveman country his name will forever be remembered. He is a prime example of the type of ball players that have & will continue to turn heads from Carlsbad ball club. This town is dedicated to baseball we live eat & breathe baseball here & strive to give our kids here the dream that Cody has fulfilled. I’ll have to admit amongst all the hype here in Rossville (Carlsbad) once again my thought was, uhhh really I thought I was done hearing his name, I love baseball & I didn’t watch but maybe 5 mins. of the whole playoff series or the world series. I didn’t need to, bottom line if Cody was there, he couldn’t loose, it wasn’t possible. He had been traded over & over & had the privilege of gaining valuable knowledge from each ball club he played for. At such a young age he had been shown the tools he needed to become what we all knew he would become, a great baseball player. At any point he could’ve packed up & came home,but his ability to adjust, keep moving forward, along with his determination & detication that only a Caveman could have proved true blue in the midst of all what would seem to most time to just come home,but giving up to Cody was alien to him. Yes I admittedly say I may have said uhhh & rolled my eyes about Cody Ross once more being shouted in my ear but of course I was still rooting for him, it’s Cody Ross, our hometown kid,how could you not. If any one person deserves for life to pay them back it’s him. And even through it all he has never lost his smile or his love of the game. When I see Cody play or watch highlights from a game or watch an interview, it amazes me to see that spark still in his eye for baseball. The resillance Cody has shown through all the ups & downs of his career is first class. And yet he still takes the time to sign something for a kid. Cody has never let his ego get the best of him & in return he has excelled beyond his wildest dreams. His ability to keep that innocence of a child ready & eager to just play the game isn’t something you see in a major league often. But I think that’s what makes Cody so explosive as a player & continues to draw in fans of all ages from all over the country. Even if you don’t like what team he’s on, I think each one has a little piece of them inside that screams his name. Touché Cody I applaude you & everything you have accomplished, you have the whole country screaming your name, just remember to always bleed blue & white & keep that Caveman pride that no one else in the entire country has had the privilege to be a part of.
    And for the person who wrote this little piece maybe Now you can have a little more appreciation for the beyond amazing player that you seem to be so negative about. And quite honestly you should make sure not to say things so loud about Cody, because you might find yourself meeting the tough end of a Caveman Cody Ross fan!

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