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Count down: ON.


No. That’s not when we turn into a pumpkin.

That’s the deadline.

Last year- We netted A-Gonz.

This year? To be determined. We’re down a David Ortiz. A manager. A right fielder. And then there’s the pitching. A lot of wishes.

So, Benny. Ball’s in your court. Will we be thankful? Or will we be turkeys this Thanksgiving?

Who are we kidding? Keebler’s not the fairy godmother.

I think we all know who that is.

Ball’s in your court.

DAVID ORTIZ, people.

I hope I’m not awake to see this.

Covering a Turkey Trot in the AM. So I’ll be up by six… Give me happy comments to wake up to, k? Like a reaction when they sign David Ortiz. Because they WILL sign David Ortiz. Right? Right?


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  1. November 24, 2011 at 2:09 am

    I see Ortiz in Red Stockings next year… aside from the contract, his folk lore status can’t be duplicated in applause or dollars and cents…. however, if late December rolls around and he still isn’t signed… he’s waiting for the Pujols/Fielder fallout and then chances are he’ll either try and goad the Sox into a bidding war or walk outright.

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