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Penn State: The lining is scummy. NOT silver.

A silver lining.

That’s what the internet does, see. A scandal breaks. Flares up. Discussions. Talk shows. Analysis. Jerry Sandusky isn’t going to go down alone.

And, just so the story doesn’t die a shallow-graved death (our ratings can’t have that, see), let’s insert “the silver lining.” Let’s smooth it over until it’s comfortable enough so that our delicate sensibilities can further the discussion. That way we have even more minutes out of the way for that primetime package.

Penn State.

  • It highlights the plight of child abuse. Am I the only one who does NOT find this lining silver? Any sentence that involves “child abuse” has no silver.
  • It got Ashton Kutcher to shut up. No. It got Ashton Kutcher to make an ass of himself. Demi Moore can do that.
  • It got people talking. Seriously? This is the flavor of the week. The only “serious” discussions are happening on NPR- and no one but me is listening. Most people think this is about Joe Pa and Joe Pa alone thanks to the automatic summarizing our brains do when reading the internet.
  • It’s making universities re-evaluate their expedience, their chains of commands. That’s a consequence. Not a lining.

It really sickens me to hear talk show hosts trying to smooth this over with condescension. It’s irritating. SO irritating… to hear people at water coolers talk about what can make this scandal go away. It’s not going away.

Scandals like this aren’t just about Penn State. It’s not just about a particular sport. It’s about all sports and it’s sickening. And Joe Paterno- this scapegoating nonsense? Is just that. Nonsense. I am in full support of Joe Paterno getting fired. I am in full support of Joe Paterno facing criminal charges.

Yes, two people are the most responsible in the administrative chain of suck. The person who saw the incident. The person at the top who decided to end it without going to the police. They should be fired. They should be charged.

But the people in the suck sandwich? Still culpable. Still responsible. Still really, really, nauseatingly disgusting. And Joe Pa, you have the extra privilege of being a recognizable face. Someone known as an honorable man and a winner. A celebrity. You have the extra responsibility of a reputation that precedes you. You should have known better. You should have known your name would be associated with this. And I don’t feel sorry for you or your legacy.

“Isn’t it a shame,” NPR callers say, “that such a great legacy has to be tainted by one incident.”

I totally agree.

Shame on you, Joe Paterno. Shame on you, Penn State.
McQueary needs to be the next to go.

It’s nice, see, to have people on sports shows talking about something OTHER than Soxsplosion, 2011. But this? This is not the rebound story we wanted. Penn State isn’t recovering from this any time soon.

Honestly- I think they should cancel the game this weekend.

I shouldn’t ever leave to watch amazing, amazing movies in Greensboro. Because when I leave the sports world, all hell breaks loose.


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  1. November 12, 2011 at 6:33 am

    I agree with you: the best thing for Penn State to do right now is to forfeit the Nebraska game. They’ve got bigger problems.

  2. November 12, 2011 at 7:29 am

    This whole Penn State situation makes me sick. The students should be ashamed for standing up for JoPa, and giving the school a worse rap than it has right now. All this BS does, is take away from the fact the Sandusky is the one who needs to be punished here…and I mean really punished. One day these students will have kids and realize how scary this crap is. As a parents, it’s nothing short of a nighmare to even imagine this. Oh, Boo-hoo JoPa and Penn State. So easy to forget the real victims. Sorry to rant so much…
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  3. November 12, 2011 at 8:30 am

    I hope they all get what they deserve. I think JoePa’s statement of “in hindsight I wish I had done more.” Yeah, ya think? That pissed me off. The lawyers in this are going to have a field day with that stupid statement during the civil suits coming.

    I hope they just clean house and let them all go. Why McQueary is still there is a head scratcher. I know they told him to not attend the game but isn’t he as cupable as the rest? He knew they let it all go under the rug. Why is he still there? All for the millions the school program gets.

    Now stop going to Greensboro, we need some quiet in the sports world for awhile.

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