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How to make the Theo situation more irritating: Bring in Bud Selig. Oh, and CC is still a Stankee.

Bud Selig: That could be what happens if a compromise isn’t found today.

“It’s a difficult deal to work out because it’s too hard to quantify the value of Theo Epstein,” new Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington told The Boston Globe. “I have an idea of it and Theo doesn’t think he’s worth as much as I do. We haven’t been able to bridge that gap yet.”

Picture artfully discovered here.Explains years of wondering, right?

Surprise. Theo. Of the CUBS. Says he’s worth less so that his new people, the CUBS, can fetch a more economic price. Surprise.

Oh, and, in following the great tradition of epic crap that has been our Red Sox reality, new would-be savior Ryan Lavarnway is ALREADY broken. Sick, broken. It’s all the same, really. Apparently, the baseball gods care very little for beautiful sacrifices. But that is neither here nor there. All indications- he’ll get better and have a serious shot at being in the big leagues- but that’s what they said about Dice-K that one time… and optimistic me, apparently, is all that was sacrificed yesterday, so…

Another thing I learned from this article– I think I knew this but blocked it out- Salty WAS available to play in the finale- but Tito shoved in Lavarnway, you know, a guy who, weeks before, WASN’T EVEN PLAYING. And he went hitless. In… oh… KIND OF AN IMPORTANT GAME. Good. To. Know. The way this dejavuz is striking me (like dry ice to the eyeball) means this is probably one of those things I repressed in a rage fit.

I’m okay.

In other news, unsurprisingly, our Tito replacement search has become a punchline, thanks to an awkward presser yesterday.

They’re holding media availability with guys who are INTERVIEWING for the manager’s job? Is this going to be after every interview? Does the public get to call in and vote after everyone’s had a turn?

The article goes on to say:

If anything, it just seems like a cry for coverage. A way to push the story. Stay in the headlines. To make sure people are talking about something other than September.

Like the headlines… ALL OF THEM… are OUR FAULT.

Trust me, America, when I say- the Red Sox would LOVE a media blackout for a few weeks. A day even. LOVE it. It’s a sad world when the Cards have kind of a stellar win and you turn on ESPN and there are STILL leading video clips of your team’s Soxsplosion. See… we would much, much, much, much, MUCH (BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY MUCH) rather fizzle into temporary oblivion.

At least that’s what I thought.

I started to think about it.

Alllllllll this coverage.

It has to be coming from somewhere.

And what’s a Soxsplosion without kindling? Maybe our front office is still on the G-dub mentality that any publicity is good publicity? Maybe the reason ESPN is obsessed with us is because somewhere up there, there’s a bizarrely confused front office that thinks these sports segments turned beer and chicken ads are a GOOD idea?

I don’t know why I didn’t rant about this before. I AM a reporter. I KNOW reporters. And there are two reasons we get obsessed with a topic. RATINGS. Oh. And CONVENIENCE. If you feed us something on a silver platter, we are much more likely to eat than if we have to actually drive to the freaking store. Reporters don’t like to drive to the freaking store. WE DON’T HAVE GAS IN OUR CARS.

You know what? I’m getting angry again. And I can’t throw things. Because I JUST got a new stapler after last time. I’m going to save this for the angry blog. Which is coming in a blog bomb of fire and fury.

In other news-

We’re talking about Carlos Beltran again.

The internet thinks Pete Mackanin is going to be our new Tito.

And the Sox are taking their sweeeeet time with Papelbon and Papi.

Also,  Wheeler and Atchison- didn’t get option pick ups.

And Theo is at it again- thinking about bringing in a Japanese powerhouse- this time for Chicago. I wonder if he gets a cut from Japan? He has a lot of competition for this guy…

Oh- and THIS blog calls CC Sabathia the anti-A-Rod and offers up a challenge:

Heck, I bet even Red Sox fans wouldn’t be able to come up with a reason to jeer Sabathia besides the fact that he wears a cap displaying the famous interlocking ‘NY.’  Thankfully for Yankees fans, their staff ace agreed to a new deal that will allow him to suit up in pinstripes at minimum through 2016.

Challenge… accepted? Let’s see what you’ve got in the comments.


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  1. November 1, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Actually, they Sox made interviewees hold press conferences the last time they had interviews too. I thoguht it was a good idea then.

    How does Theo tell his new bosses that he doesn’t think he’s worth very much?

    I never liked the way CC wears his hat. Can I jeer him on that?

  2. FireDannyAinge
    November 1, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    The media here sucks. Having these guys deal with the idiotic media as a test is brilliant. It’s part of the job here why not throw them into the fire?

    CC was never going anywhere. This was blackmail. It worked, he is richer.

    ESPN is obsessed with us only when we suck. They are owned by the Skankees. If this was a good thing we would get no coverage.

    CC is overrated. He always choked in Cleveland at least once and BIG time.

    I hate CC and I hated him WAY before he became a Yankee. The way he acts on the mound, the way he is the first guy up to fight when the red sox and the Yankees start to fight even when his team starts it. I forget the situation but it happened maybe last year. He was sitting in the dugout with his fat belly pointing at us.

    If the Yankees seriously think this guy is likable they have their heads up their ass.

  3. Jup
    November 2, 2011 at 8:15 am

    2007 Cy Young award.

    That is all.

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