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See? At least he’s sorry. And looking at you with those teary Papi eyes…

“I would never try to do anything to hurt the organization. This organization, I hope I don’t have to go anywhere else. Playing for the Red Sox you have to be proud of it and I’m proud to play for the Red Sox. My agent was there and he let them know how I feel. We’ll see.”

“If the Red Sox sign me right now they won’t regret (it),” Ortiz added. “I’ve got so many ways to keep doing what I’ve been doing around here. I bring so much to this organization, I bring so much to the table here because I care so much about this organization.”

So, Ortiz said some hate. Was it last week? The week before? As usual, it was FRONT PAGE NEWS. Because, even though attention COULD be focused on relevant teams. You know. Like the Cards. And the Rangers. That’s not the way the world works. Apparently, people hate us more than they respect the World Series.

As a true Papiest, I refused to read said hate (miraculously, thanks to a clever e-mail filter), so it’s a lot easier for me to let bygones be bygones.

I mean, that’s enthusiasm, people. You know who DOESN’T have enthusiasm? Curt Schilling. Ever. When he talks smack about the team that made him… Curt Schilling. Who doesn’t even play anymore and (as much as it breaks my heart to say this) is as irrelevant as the defunct cubicle walls piled up in the storage room of my office.

It was a frustrating year for Papi. He played okay plus. The team sucked up blackholes worth of shit. And yeah, so he let a few things slip to the media, like that bit about wishing Aceves was in the rotation (that bit that we were ALLLLLLL thinking and blogging about). And stormed a presser. Oh, and almost killed Kevin Gregg (but really, who wouldn’t, given the opportunity?). But not resigning? That would break my heart.

A heart already pulverized by a Soxtember and Soxsplosion.

But then there’s Jonny Paps. Aka Jonathan Papelbon. CAN we sign both of them? SHOULD we sign both of them? What would we do without Papelbon? Seriously? Since I can count at least a billion occasions where he was the only one who remembered he was a pitcher?

You know, chicken grease probably makes the ball slippery. But that’s neither here nor there.

Papelbon, who does sometimes forget he’s a pitcher and not a jigger, is historically fun to watch. You know. When he’s not loading the bases and watching the score creep up as he loses the last game to the Yankees when you’ve made a bet with that karaoke dj you’re dating that involves a humiliating amount of barbecue sauce and- (NEVER FORGET) I’m okay.

Papi is the face of the Sox.

Papelbon? Perhaps its savior?

Soooooo torn.

And then there’s Jason Varitek, who I am lobbying to replace Curt Young.

So many decisions.

I wish I was the one making them. Thoughts? Time to get serious, people. This Ben guy, he needs us.

And if we don’t claim Papi soon, he could get kidnapped by the Canadians.

Oh. And, dear Red Sox, NO. Thanks. Love, Lauren.

Joe Maddon gives me the creeps.


Now they’re talking about how our BRAND has taken a hit.

Seriously, guys, when will the media Soxsplosion cease? I really feel sorry for Cards and Rangers fans. I’d be pissed (and was) if other teams overshadowed my World Series. Remember how it felt when the A-Rod announcement came out mid-WS? The difference? This isn’t us. It’s YOU, espn.

PS- Youkilis watch! K-Youk himself was spotted at Whalburgers. Do you think they have veggie Whalburgers? And do you think Paul Whalberg could introduce me?

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  1. FireDannyAinge
    October 27, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    His last interview before this one is the one that pissed me off so much that I can’t forgive him. It’s too late for me and I have ALWAYS been a huge Papiest.

    I still think he didn’t take anything in 03 and was never really on that list and when MLB stood on the podium with him, something they did not do for A-Rod that was theIR way of saying, he isn’t on the list but the lawyers won’t let me admit it since there is a gag order.

    I think it’s another taping the Rams walk through situation where it NEVER HAPPENED but the media repeated it as fact for 6 months and the NFL let that happen knowing full well IT NEVER TOOK PLACE.

    Papi said he was done with the drama and would play for NY. That was the THIRD time he said he would consider NY and that last time was my last straw.

    If you ask me this is a Mike Lowell situation. Lowell wanted to go to NY, they didn’t want him THEN he wanted to comeback here.

    As for Papelbon, goodbye. He had a good contract year, SHOCKING. That almost never happens ROLLING EYES. He admitted he wasn’t throwing as hard as before because he wanted to make his money. ReGArdless this year when the team really needed him he failed, TWICE against BALTIMORE.

    Obviously, it is still all so raw, Maybe I am too close to the situation to see things clearly. This is clearly coming from my heart.

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