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Curt Young hates us and he wants us to be unhappy.

Kyle Weilland pitches game one of the Sept. 19 set that will live in gross, gag-inducing infamy…

My feelings on game 1 can best be explained through the following original haiku:

Tragedy sinks in.

Why do you hate us, Curt Young?

Adrift in the suck.

I think red makes things so much more dramatic. Don’t you? Like blood. And Anger. And Despair. Red. The blood of angry men! Ah… Les Miserables. You explain our plight so perfectly and yet… No one gets me…

It wasn’t ALL Weiland’s fault. It was also an UMPIRE’s fault. Mike Estabrook, so you know who to address your thank you cards too, Tampa. But that is neither here nor there. Here nor there, I say.


So. Anyone surprised that Weiland’s not a shut out? Anyone besides Curt Young? Anyone? Anyone AT ALL? Did my typing just echo? There. It did it again. Do you hear that? Helloooooooooo? Anybody out there?

That rabbit hole’s getting closer…

Iceberg! Iceberg! Dead ahead!

 “To put tonight’s Lackey start in perspective, we waived him from my AL-only fantasy team 3 weeks ago. Nobody claimed him.” – Bill Simmons

God be with us. God be with us all.


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