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Now it’s your turn for rain.

Clear skies! Well. Kind of. Here in Boone, NC.

And a rain delay in Boston.

Rain delays frustrate me. Really, they do. But this one feels kind of justified. Because we’ve been having torrential downpours here for days. Years. Decades. Lifetimes.

Kind of only fair you get a downpour in Boston.

Apparently the delays are widespread, if Jeb the Pirate Princess’ Facebook frustrations are any indication.


And several comments to that effect.

Stay dry. I’m in a ridiculous meeting right now. But I discovered internet access. And I’m in the back row. And my computer is on mute. Is it tacky to watch a Red Sox game in the corner? I mean, I’m here, aren’t I? And I’m taking notes. See my concentration?

Yes. This is perfectly acceptable.

Okay. Plan B. Let’s make this rain delay last long enough so that I watch the game when I get out of my meeting. Yes. Better plan. Rain on.

Remember that rain delay in 2009? I remember it like it was yesterday. Today even. What a terrible day. Kevin Youkilis, always the hero, gave us a lead. We were ahead by like, a million runs. And Smoltz was pitching? And then, after the rain delay… we lost. Like 11 to 10 or something insane? Damn Orioles. That was the worst day. Because my friend Doug and I sat there. Through it all. At a rinkydink bar in southend Charlotte. For like 6 hours. And we lost.

Here it is if you want to refresh your depression.

I hated Smoltz then. I just knew he was bad luck.

What’s your worst rain delay memory?

Yuck. Rain delays.


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