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Orioles, Orioles, Orioles. BYOC.

What a sniveling piece of work is Baltimore.

Check this out.

And grit your teeth. Because it looks like another BYOC. That’s right. Bring-your-own-cheese because it’s about to get whiny up in here. <-Did that sound as rapper as I intended?

“With Vlady out, it’s another thing that doesn’t seem fair about this stuff with Boston,” Showalter said Sunday. “Our guy broke his wrist, basically.”

I’m thinking Swiss. Or Muenster.

“In my position, you got to be the voice of reason,” he said diplomatically. “Emotions run high — mine, too. But there’s a time and a place for everything. I got one very biased opinion on everything, and it’s the Orioles angle.

I like blue cheese. Do you like blue cheese? It’s more than just a salad dressing, you know…

“It’s baseball. Turn the page. They had their way with us. They’re good. They’re really good.”

I had this white horseradish cheddar one time from Tillamook in Oregon. Dynamite.

“Here’s the bottom line,” he said. “If the players care about something and it bothers them, then you (as the manager) better care about it, too.”

I’m really picky about my pepper jack though, you know? I don’t like a lot of things in my cheese.

“I’m more the believer in old-school baseball,” Gregg said. “So every hitter, if they don’t like what’s going on, they have the right to come out there. I don’t condone it. I don’t want people to do it. But it’s what we do. If (hitters) don’t like what’s going on, come out. We’re all grown men, we can defend ourselves.”

I think I’ll have macaroni with mine tonight. How ’bout you?

God willing, there will be some live blogging in an hour… God willing.



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