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Where’s the competition?

I caught snippets (some day I am going to invest in a working television and not rely on the net) and I ask you- where’s the competition in the All-Star race? It kind of looked like… and I say kind of… please tell me I am wrong… that Bautista was the only one playing…

And it didn’t help that our first string sat this one out.

“You never know what really would have happened if they had some of their best pitchers,” said Cincinnati second baseman Brandon Phillips. “All I can do is say thank you very much for not pitching. … It probably would have been a totally different game.”

Is it just me? Or did we tie a pretty bow around this and hand it nicely to the National League? And see, it doesn’t matter to most of these players. They won’t see Soxtober. But you’d think it would matter to the Stankees. They’ve got a shot. Apparently not, what with the flakiness.

Players didn’t criticize New York’s Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera for skipping the game to rest minor injuries, even though they played last weekend. But some fans would claim poetic justice if it ultimately forced the Yankees to play Game 7 of the World Series on the road.

Thanks, guys.

Many people say the only cure for the All-Star crapfest is to put a bullet in it.

Seriously. Would anyone other than Bud Selig notice? Or care? And just imagine if the idea gets traction across the sports spectrum. If the pro leagues really want to do something for fans, other than pick their pockets, keep the breaks in midseason and have the players perform community service — e.g., stage sports clinics in their hometowns.

I won’t go that far. But make it mandatory. So you don’t feel comfortable playing. Fine. But show up. Support your team. Support your fans. I’ll take it a step further. Wouldn’t it be great if EVERY player showed up? Sit in the stands. Sit among your fans. Support the sport that pays you a bazillion dollars.

You know… don’t elect to spend your day at… I don’t know… Atlantic City.

One person is happy with the status quo: Bud Selig.

Nice things:

It’s nice to root for Adrian Beltre again. Felt right. But oh so wrong. Like fatty ice cream.

And it’s nice to be able to show off Gonz’s bat.

And what a terrific single, Youkie.

And… um… I think that’s it?


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  1. July 13, 2011 at 9:31 am

    I totally agree. At least show up! What a disappointment.

  2. July 13, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Did you see my take on it? Part of the problem is, they try to make the game mean something, but make it impossible to manage it like it means something. Which makes the players treat it like a game that means nothing.

  3. July 14, 2011 at 7:57 am

    As the Texas Rangers are my second favorite team (I live 10 miles from their ballpark), I was very disappointed in the outcome of the game (even though I really don’t care about it), since Washington was “managing” the AL. I’ve never been that impressed with Ron Washington. Yes, I know the Rangers made it to the Whirl Serious last year (anyone read this old enough to remember Pogo?), but I kept saying a groundhog could have managed that team to the big one. He’s got a lot of talent, and they’re making him look really good. I think we saw just how “good” he is Tuesday night. Yep.

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