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Showalter’s toddlers cry. Because that’s what toddlers do.

NUMBER ONE! Still. But boy has it been bloody. It’s been kicking and screaming and scraping your fingernails through the coffin door, digging your way out of mossy hell- that kind of battle.

We’re talking a battle of epic proportions.

The kind we’ve waited all our lives to fight. The kind where one alone stays standing. I think it’s obvious what comes to mind.

Oh, come on. You were ALLLLLL thinking it. July 15, baby.

See, Harry Potter is OBVIOUSLY, in this case, David Ortiz. And Malfoy? OBVIOUSLY Jeremy Guthrie.

“If they really had issues with people being hit, they could have warned the benches the second time one of our players were hit versus the third hit batsman of the game on a changeup on a situation where I clearly wasn’t intending to hit a gentleman.”


You know what else is a great quote?

It’s great, knowing those guys with the $205 million payroll are saying, ‘How the hell are they beating us?’

That’s BUCK SHOWALTER in March.

Jeremy Guthrie, by the way, has been clipped into my LEAST FAVORITE players list. Poor Youk.

At this rate, Joba and Grandersnot will be the only Stanks left.

Michael Gonzalez earned his place on the list fair and square.

Asked if Gonzalez intentionally threw at his designated hitter, Francona replied, “It makes you think. It was 3 feet behind him. That’s where somebody gets hurt. That’s the point where somebody can really get hurt when you do something like that.’’

The real story, however, isn’t beating the whiny little birds (who, by the way, have been vocally whiny ALL WEEKEND, even if you take Gregg’s temper tantrum out of the equation). Other than being whiny, they’re not exactly relevant.

The REAL story is where we are now and where we were then. Now? At the top. One game lead over the stanks. Then? The bottom. Now? Top. Then? Bottom. See where I’m going with this?

Adversity. Great adversity.

It’s our year, people.


PS- Reasons why the Stanks aren’t as annoying (LATELY) as the Orioles? At least they have the bats to back up their arrogance. Well, you know, unless they play the Sox.

Seriously- I knew the Orioles were a joke numbers-wise, but I had no idea how bratty Showalter’s toddlers really were. I babysit for four-year-olds with more integrity.

At least we won’t have to see THEM in the play-offs.

PSS- How about Gregg-head? Like egg head? Like, you’ve got a little Gregg on your face, Bucky? Or Greggative. Like negative. Because he’s… you know… negative…

  1. Jup
    July 11, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Like you said, they’re toddlers. They’re probably just teething. Someone needs to give them orajel and put them down for a nap.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I just lost my lunch with the phrase “you’ve got a little Gregg on your face, Bucky”…

  2. July 11, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Yep, lunch lost here…

  3. July 12, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    I still don’t understand how A-Roid isn’t on your “least favorite” list…

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