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WHATEVER, New York. ‘We never liked your paper anyway,’ said other people. But not Lauren. Lauren LOVES NYT. LOVES.

So, New York Times sold most of its holdings where Fenway Sports Group is concerned. SEE?

The company did not disclose the three separate buyers to whom it sold shares.

Sold for $117 million. Thanks to some… you know… World Series victories… which were… you know… AWESOME, that’s a good return on NYT investment of $75 mill for its 17 percent stake in 2002.

Fenway Sports Group also owns NESN (80 percent), Liverpool Football Club, the English soccer team and Roush Fenway Racing (50 percent). Fun facts to know and tell your friends at parties.

WHATEVER, NYT. Who reads newspapers ANYWAY?

Oh. Right. Um.

But seriously, 3 buyers. I am curious. The possibilities are ENDLESS! We could be owned by like… um… Barbara Streisand or something. Oh-oh-oh! Or Prince. Or the Kennedys!

Who do you think would be a kickass buyer?

[Note: The post should, in no way reflect a negative viewpoint of NYT (a company Lauren is IN LOVE WITH, dear human resources, IN LOVE WITH) or its subsidiaries. She was attempting to be hilarious. And, if they (NYT and company) would like to hire her, she would be thrilled. She would be more than thrilled. Ecstatic, actually. She would make you a thank you card. A handmade thank you card. And wear a t-shirt swearing her allegiance to you, oh New York Times Company. Particularly so if the hire would happen at a location that has a beach and the possibility of umbrellas in drinks. Or. Um. Boston. She would like to point out that a Boston job would be fine too. And she wouldn’t turn down New York. Lauren comes with enthusiasm, a masochistic, loyal and efficient work ethic and references. Thanks.]

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  1. FireDannyAinge
    July 2, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Say it with me people, NEW YORK SUCKS, The Yankees SUCK, Broadway is way too expensive and the Mets literally suck.. at baseball.

    P.S.- The Knicks SUCK. The Jets and Giants suck suck SUCK (Even if they play in NJ they still call themselves NY) Oh and the Rangers suck. The Bills………

  2. July 5, 2011 at 8:19 am

    1. I read newspapers (plural…sad, right?). 2. I think the NYT should hire all of us, but you go first since you wrote such a compelling cover letter.

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