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What does it all mean?!

While pondering questions of the universe, ie: why is Bobby Jenks allowed to pitch? What exactly is jello, anyway? And is Pluto a planet, really?- I think I solved one.

See, we lost last night, so we can win in the playoffs.

Let me explain.

You know that lovely habit we used to have- of winning all the time against the Angels until it was actually important?

Yeah. So… we’re not going to repeat that.

Weak argument, hmm?

Kind of like the weak extra innings I woke up to…

And Bobby Jenks’ arm “cramped up.”

Yeah right.

I think he googles himself. Don’t you?

Hi, Bobby.

Speaking of Bobbies, what the frick, Bobby Abreu? Haven’t I told you that you fill me with negativity and teeth grinding irritation?


More to come.

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  1. May 5, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Is it over yet?…I never heard of teams playing doubleheaders where the first game starts the night before. Pretty cool. Bud Selig, another innovation for the sport. Night-day doubleheaders. Don’t they have a curfew rule anymore…?

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