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Collecting halos. We’ve got six!

Thanks to J-Les, (<-think that will catch on?) we’ve got a total of six halos on our victory necklace.

Santana, we’re coming for you.

And we’re bringing the best of the best. Last game aside, he’s the one, the only Josh Beckett. And, hopefully, 2011 J-Beck (<-no?) got his business done and went back to his island, shoving 2007 Beckett back through the portal.

We’ve got this, baby. There’s no way we could-


Okay. The facts. On paper. Sometimes that’s more comforting. He’s thrown 6 outings of scoreless ball. That’s out of 11 outings. Hmm… okay.

But he’s GIVEN UP runs in his last three games. And, by giving up runs, we’re talking about those moments we’ll remember in future cardiac visits.

A 15.43 ERA, people.


Simple. See, he’s not in the opening lineup. So to me, this is pretty simple. Let’s not play him! Let’s put a gold sticker on his chest and call him “Bullpen Monitor.” Yeah? He could issue tickets. You know, like for when Bard leaves his towels on the floor and when Lackey litters candy wrappers all over the mound?



  1. FireDannyAinge
    May 4, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    I second that. Let him ride the pine.

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