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Knockin’ ’em out of the sky

See, Milton Bradley? It isn’t all fun and GAMES!

Get it? Like Milton Bradley games? Like…


I’m funny, really.

I know this joke about a shark.

So… apparently the game I missed last night was “legendary.”

And, while appreciate you soxies having my back, you didn’t have to have my back quite so well. I hate missing things that are “legendary.”

Abraham at the Globe writes the win “left one wondering how the Red Sox are 13-15.”


If only Dora the Explorah were here.

Tito was happy. Tito, you see, is always happy when we win.

“It’s a nice way to play the game,” he said. “It took us a while to do it.”

Uh, yeah.

“See it, hit it. There’s really nothing else you can do,’’ said Pedroia, who saw 23 of the 118 pitches Weaver threw.

Ah, from the mouths of babes…

Anyway, Jon Lester plans to smack a few more angels down from the sky tonight. And it’s kind of a big deal. You kids know how I feel about streaks. And guess what? We’re on a five-game hot streak against the halos. Remember how we were 9-1 against them last year? Lester, you better not be that 1, baby.

Another streak I’m digging? How Jered Weaver was going to be the first pitcher since forever o’clock to win seven games by May 2. But the Sox smacked him off that cloud too. So J-Les, if you’d juuuuussssttt hurl a repeat of those six sweet scoreless innings from last month, that would be swell.

So, April. Over. May? Perfect. So far.

See, the nifty (and scary) part about May? We can no longer use that dog-eared argument, “It’s only April.”

So strap on your jigging cleats (Hi, Paps, baby) and ready your K-Youk batter dances because it’s time to get this party started.

Do it for me. Do it for Tito.

And, of course, do it to shut Bobby Abreu up.

Gooooooooooooooooo Sox!

(And Bruins! Yay, guys! On a random, I’m at-my-office-arbitrarily-waiting-on-copy-to-vomit-from-the-printer note… I have always wanted to date a hockey player. But, you know, one WITH teeth)

  1. FireDannyAinge
    May 3, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Good luck finding a hockey player with teeth. You can’t have Tim Thomas because he is mine and he has a wife. There are a lot of cute hockey players even without teeth.

    I hate the Canadians but they had a goalie a few years ago who was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Damn if I can remember his name. Then one of our Colleges in Boston had a goalie who was also cute. Forget his name too. Guess I have a thing for goalies:)

  2. May 4, 2011 at 9:42 am

    All points bulletin – please send all cute or non-cute Goalies to the Flyers locker room because we can never have enough Goalies…teeth optional also.

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