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Memories… Remember when booing John Lackey was cool?

The Red Sox rivalry with the Yankees is greatly stereotyped, appreciated on network television and reviled by fans of every other team.

But the Red Sox rivalry with the Angels? Unless you’re a Sox or and Angels fan, it’s widely underappreciated.

And there’s some history here. Some bitter, heart-wrenching history.

Like how, for a while, we couldn’t beat them. You know, unless the game was important. Like the playoffs. And then we could wipe the bases with them. It was like a mother who can pull a school bus off her toddler. Except instead of a school bus it’s a bunch of jerks in California.

Or Manny Ramirez, post season 2007 (my particular favorite), how he hits the homer, doesn’t even run. Just raises his hands. Lets it sink in. Lets the Angels’ tears flow, and then, ever so casually, hits the bases.

Remember 1986 (I was told about it), 2004? 2007? 2008? Etc…


Part, if not a majority of my anti-Lackey sentiment comes from Anaheim.

Part, if not the only reason I truly hate that Gordon Levitt kid comes from Anaheim.

Remember 2008 when bad ump calls and our lackluster offense caused an in-season smackdown?

I do.

Tonight, the rivalry begins again.

And I won’t be awake to see it. Stupid west coast games.

But you’ll tell me all about it, right?


Interesting. Does he remind anyone else of Napoleon Dynamite in this clip?

A consumer not a sprayer? Wow. I’m glad the ridiculous interviews aren’t just a trend you started with us, “Big” John.

Oh… the Red Sox? How do you feel about playing them, Lackey?

He just said his favorite non Anaheim place to pitch is YANKEE STADIUM.

Did Theo watch the above clip before acquiring you?

Toasted wheat? Who CARES?! I don’t sound like that when I interview people, do I?

Oh. My. God. I want one.

  1. April 21, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Absolutely recall the rivalry that exists between the Sox and the Halos. Indeed, when they are on the Left Coast it can make it challenging to follow. Problem I have with the weeknight NBA games…Lakers…yeah, let’s start that gave at 10:45 Eastern. Thanks, Mr. Stern. Much appreciated.

  2. April 21, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    i was at a few of the games in 2009

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