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Really, Okajima? Okajima, crappy umpires and a fizzled streak

Whatever you do… DON’T FALL ASLEEP.

See? See what happens when you sleep and miss the last inning?

Damn it, guys! I am never leaving you in charge again, K-Youk!

Blast. Foiled again.

But John Lackey didn’t totally suck… so there’s that… and, while one streak crumbles, the streak of saying silly things to reporters continues…

Lackey was less than pleased this week after his previous start was skipped — the result of a rainout last week — and felt he could’ve gone another inning Tuesday.

Shut up, John Lackey! Less then pleased? Prior to yesterday I was “less than pleased” with your existence on the mound. And every inning you’re on the damn mound stresses me out.

But the person I am most DISPLEASED (see, that’s how you say less than pleased with less words) with is you, Okajima. I’m not happy with you either, Wheeler. But Oky. What. the. frick. And the bottom of the 8th? Of course. As soon as Lauren goes to sleep, let’s magnify our suckage.

I guess I should thank you. Had I seen that, I probably would have had worse dreams than the Matsui nightmare (he’s coming to get me! he’s coming to get me!).

Good points: Tito gets ejected. That’s always fun. And by defending Pedroia. No better way to go.

Here’s a reenactment:

“The rule is that you can’t deceive. I mean, he went two different directions,” Francona said. “Started toward the plate, changed his mind, landed toward the plate. For me, it was a balk all the way.”

Me too, Tito. Me too.

I don’t know, man . . . I don’t know,” said Pedroia, shaking his head in disbelief after the game. “I thought it was pretty obvious. I think I was yelling mid-run. It’s hard to believe they couldn’t see that.

“That’s upsetting. That [should have been] a runner on second with Adrian up; instead, [Anderson] throws a nasty pitch and Adrian strikes out and he keeps rolling. It makes it tough.”

I would have been for sure ejected at the Ellsbury out. Because that was ridiculous. I’m surprised all of my couch cushions are still in good condition. The icing on the cupcake of crap the umps were baking last night.

Let’s see… more good news…

Well… we didn’t lose BECAUSE of Lackey. That’s something. Now if Clay can pretend to get his act together, we’ll have a decent shot of doing SOMETHING with our starting rotation.

But seriously- the biggest losers last night? The umpires. Worst calls I’ve seen in awhile.


How do you feel about Lackey … um … not entirely sucking?

Because I feel there’s a disturbance in the force…


Damnit, Okajima…

Now I’m tired AND in a lousy mood.

And I’m not entirely convinced Young’s not a double agent.

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