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And… Clay joins the club

Dear Haters,

See? We do know how to win a baseball game. Screw you. Especially you, Buck Showalter.



I now present to you, Sox Nation, the newest member of the I-can-actually-do-my-fricking-job club, Claaaaaaaay Buchholz!

(pause for applause)

With a win under the belt of every single starter (f-fricking-inally), we’ve finally got that thing we didn’t have last week. Or the week before. You know? That thing called momentum? That thing the Orioles claimed to have that was ripped away like a pacifier (oh, you finally broke your L streak, Showalter!)?

It is… interesting to note that they DID outhit us on paper, 12-10. But we outscored them 5-3… A testament to our defense? Or a testament to A’s missed opportunities?

Just think… if the umps didn’t suck and Okajima didn’t suck we’d be at 5…


But, in the grand scheme of things, four games out isn’t a bad place to be. Let’s just not look at the pecking order, shall we?

Paps scared me a little bit tonight. I’m going to be honest… and the A’s let off the kind of rally that, if it had happened earlier, might have changed the peppy tone of this entire blog… when you play Bard early, you start running out of pitchers, Young. It’s interesting when your weakest starting pitcher of the week is Clay Buchholz… who, all in all, did his damn job… I think that’s a pretty great thing, actually. So eat it, haters.

So what we have trust issues with our bullpen and doubts over the 100 katrillion dollar man (Crawford). So what we’re in last place in the ALE. So, fricking what?

We’re all about positivity today at Too Soxy.

All in all, today was a great way to celebrate Fenway day.

A perfect prelude to my second least favorite team… the Angels. Dah-dah-dah… Something wicked this way comes…

Seriously. It’s a movie that’s totally about the Angels. I see it.


In other news, there’s this nasty rumor that the Cubs threw us the Series in 1918. Read this.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

“They didn’t make much money,” said Sean Deveney, a reporter with The Sporting News whose book, “The Original Curse,” said a fix by the Cubs was likely. “They had the incentive to do something like that.”

And no one’s alive to ask!

I don’t buy it.


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  1. FireDannyAinge
    April 20, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    I hate Sean Devaney. Ignore anything he says.

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