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Happy song time!

Still on a high from yesterday. From fabulous Beckett curveballs striking out bird after bird after bird after bird after… well… you get the picture. It was like Thanksgiving.

And with the Lester-Dice-K switch, I don’t have to feel that rising bile called dread until Monday.

And, with our offense finally picking up, the only negativity I’ve got is a weak, “Crawford, don’t suck,” followed by a “I still hate you, John Lackey,” just for consistency.

So all morning I’ve been dancing around my apartment to my happy music.

Music like…

(the happiest)


(it makes me happy, okay? though dancing to this one scares my dog)



You know.

The usual.

I’ve been dancing since 7 a.m. My neighbors must feel the love.

What’s your happy Beckett-kicked-ass music? Whoever’s pick is the happiest wins a virtual cookie.

I love you, Jon Lester. Oh, Boston Red Sox, how I love it when you give me this feeling!


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