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‘I flat out stunk,’ Jenks said. And then came Josh Beckett.

“We’re looking for positives,’’ manager Terry Francona said.

Last place. Thanks be to Fisk we’re in the American League East and only 5 games out.

“It’s a little monotonous now saying that we’re going to come out it,’’ Buchholz said. “But it’s going to happen, that’s a given.”

Is it? IS IT CLAY?

“Five walks, man. I was always told let them get hits and beat you. When you give them free passes, I feel like I should have been pinned with this loss,’’ Buchholz said. “Eliminate two of those walks, that’s two runs they don’t score and we win the game.’’

Don’t worry, Clay, darling. I pin this loss on you. I pin this loss on ALL OF YOU (except you, Dustin Pedroia. And you, Kevin Youkilis. And… um… sure, Scut… you did something).

“That was one of the most uncomfortable outings I’ve ever been a part of.”

Us too, Clay. Us too.

Meanwhile, back in the pen:

“I flat-out stunk,’’ said Jenks.

Honesty, I sing you praises. Oh, honesty.

But this, my friends, is not a time to place the bullet of blame straight into the brain of Bobby Jenks.

This is your pre-Josh Beckett pep talk.


So… four of the five games coming up deal with lefthanded starters…

Hmmm… 1-4 with a .204 batting average against lefties…

Yeah… that’s not very peppy.

Maybe it means we’ll be seeing the Captain…

Speaking of the Captain… here’s an interesting Josh Beckett quote:

“It’s not a big deal. Who wouldn’t want Jason Varitek catching? But it doesn’t mean I don’t want Salty, and I don’t ever want it to seem like that,” Beckett said. “When Salty is back there I have the same drive and I still feel the same way.

But it’s not about your “drive” and your little feelings. It’s about the runs you don’t hand them, Joshy-poo.

“If you go around the league there isn’t a [expletive] out there that wouldn’t want Jason Varitek catching. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want Jarrod Saltalamacchia catching. When there are questions like there always asked of me, it’s almost like they’re trying to stir something up, but there’s nothing to stir up.”

Nothing to stir up? How about a 3.95 career era with Tek at the plate?


“It’s always asked, ‘Do you like it when Jason Varitek catches?’ [Expletive] yeah I like it. He’s an [expletive] Hall of Famer. Then they write, ‘He would rather have Jason Varitek catching.’ I never said that. It’s crazy.”

Josh Beckett, we have a lot in common. I use a lot of words like [Expletive] and [expletive] when I talk about baseball too.

Right. Pep.

Here’s all the pep you need. Beckett, baby.


It’s going to get better. Because, well, it can’t get worse… oh, that’s right… we have Dice-K and John Lackey waiting in the wings…

  1. FireDannyAinge
    April 16, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    I love when people get credit for pointing out they sucked. Um hello. We saw you suck. You had no choice but to admit it.

  2. April 16, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Well… John Lackey NEVER admits it.

  1. April 22, 2011 at 9:00 am

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