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A disorganized post about 1-7. Oh, and Jason Varitek.

Pretty right? Elk Knob State Park. It’s where I took the puppy for a 4-mile walk this morning.

And you know how I have that irrational habit of comparing my life to sports drama…

Today was no different. Hiking up hurt, but was tolerable. And the summit view? Made it worth it (mostly). Hiking down? Terrible. I’m working off a traumatic ankle injury that is healed, but still scary. So going down? A tough walk with all the loose rocks.

You know. Like the Red Sox. Let me explain. Winning. Great.  Work, but worth the effort. Falling down? Easy. You just step off the ledge (you know, like Tampa). The way we lose? Slowly? Painfully. It’s tough.

Like the downhill portion of the Elk Knob Trail.

I really think like this. Fascinating, isn’t it? (And I’m told a little scary) And by the way, you can’t tell from the picture, but it’s a total vertical drop. It’s like… built for people wearing real shoes or something. Weird, right? Someone could bruise a shin… or something… or stain their clothes on that illplaced mud…

It’s early. And we’re all seasoned fans by now. None of us are going to jump off the wagon to another team. None of us are going to make the leap toward a different sport (lacrosse, anyone?). We’re in it for the long haul. It’s not about keeping the faith or “not losing heart” or any of those crappy movie lines (quack, damn you, Emilio Estevez). We’re still going to watch. It would just be a lot easier if they’d win. There’d be less brooms waiting for me at my desk on Mondays. Less crap from the Braves fans (and there are SO MANY in North Carolina) when I drive by in Sweet Caroline. But let’s face the cold, hard, icky truth. We’re still going to watch. We always do… and I read a lot of sports blogs. So many authors are like “one more loss and I’m done.” Um. It’s April. And, if you care enough to write a sports blog, we both know you’re not going anywhere. You can talk the talk and write the write, but you’re going to sit here and suffer through every single one of John Lackey’s future innings. Just. Like. The. Rest. Of. Us.  You’re going to drown your Lackey-esque sorrow in PBR and stain the television screen with your sad, sad tears. But, hey, at least we can all take solace in the fact that we’re not Cubs fans!

But I digress…

See how unpeppy that peptalk was? It’s because I overhiked today and got nature on me. You know how difficult it is to get nature off. Give me Boston any day.

Here’s to the old Beckett coming back and teaching the new Beckett how to pitch!

Hmmm… I wonder what that would be like…


Speaking of fantasizing about impossible things… how swell would it be for Pedro to come back?

Asked how quickly he could be ready to pitch, Martinez tells ESPN, “I’m in shape right now and I’m training and I’m playing catch, so getting to full strength would probably take me a month, month and a half, to be on a mound.”

Do you think that’s just one of those things “retired” athletes say? Like, start talking to Dan Marino and he’d be like, “Give me a month and I’m sure I could,” because Mrs. Marino is driving him crazy with watering the begonias? It might be the nature (ew) and the lack of sleep talking, but this sounds like a GREAT idea.

Speaking of Red Sox news, we’re doing this thing now where, when a pitcher is crappy, we extend their contracts. You know, so they can get worse with more money. Like we did to Beckett last year (and I loved-loved Beckett. You don’t know how much I’ve missed him). And, like we’re doing this year with Clay.

Awesome, Tito. <- SARCASM.

“…the timing of the extension comes at an awkward time for Buchholz…”

Um. Yes.

But there is a light shining through this sea of desperation. A beacon, if you will, in the lineup. A lighthouse on the shores of a rocky sea.


Stay off the ledge my friends, and be prepared for an upwind.



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