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Salt on the wound

“Now now, you may have been swept by the team of George W. Bush, but look on the bright side. You can achieve revenge against the Cleveland Indians of Drew Carey!” ~My friend Jeb, a Pitt fan.


Looks like we, the warrior fans, aren’t the only ones losing our patience.

“We were losing and I wanted to win,” Salty tells the Boston Globe.

 You know what? I’m encouraged.

Thank you, Salty, for the acknowledgement of a crappy weekend.

Some people (John Lackey, John Lackey, ahem for-the-love-of-fisk JOHN LACKEY) have some problems acknowledging blatant failure.

 It’s always going to be Tek in my heart of hearts, but I’ll try to make at least a little room in my aorta for you, Salty.

Oh… wait a minute…

“I don’t think anyone regrets any pitch they threw,” he goes on to say, “I don’t regret any pitch I called.”


 You don’t regret any of those pitches? Any of them? Any of… say… JOHN LACKEY’s pitches?

 “With a veteran team, we all know what we can do,” he said. “We’re going to play our game and pitch our game.”

 Seems to me even a VETERAN team needs to roll with the punches. Something doesn’t work, change it up.

And, this weekend, SOMETHING didn’t work.


 “I think we’re all frustrated — we got outplayed,” Pedroia said. “It’s not for lack of talent on our team. We got outpitched, we got outhit, they played better defense than us — they kicked our (butt), that’s it. We better show up and play better whenever we play again than the way we’ve been playing.”

Pedroia the Destroia, ladies and gentleman. Wise words. “Play better… than the way we’ve been playing.”

That’s the spirit.

Could you guys print out that quote and paste it to your lockers? Great. If you can’t find any paste, I’m sure Jacoby’s hair gel will do the trick.

How are your fantasy baseball teams working out?



Smiling yet?

How about now?

Still mopey?

I can’t help you. You are heartless.

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  1. April 4, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Go Tex Rangers

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