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John Lackey, how did you sleep?

After a good long run (didn’t run into a culvert this time, fyi), I feel better. I, of course, didn’t let 9 runs pummel me in 3.5 innings. Someone in Texas (John Lackey, John Lackey, John Lackey) should be feeling pretty lousy. How about you, John Lackey? How do you feel today?

“In a start so brutal it made Jon Lester’s the day before look like a gem…”

I get those text alerts- and, when you’re not around a television, they’re pretty brutal. Especially when one text says 2-1, Boston. And then you check your phone after film number two of the festival and it says 12-3, Rangers.

See, John Lackey, you didn’t have to check your phone. Because you were there. Allowing the runs.

Couple that with finally making it to a bar and being in North Carolina where no one wants to watch baseball (out of six televisions, they wouldn’t turn ONE on the game), and you see why I needed to run/box it out this morning. How did YOU sleep, John Lackey?

“I expect to do well every time I pitch. It’s a shock when something like this happens, for sure,” said Lackey. “But it’s one game, you know.”

John Lackey, ladies and gentlemen.

THIS is why you were also on my fantasy trade for Cliff Lee with Bard, Bucholz and Dice-K. Don’t make me lump you in with Delcarmen. Because I will.

And, come to find out, he never does well at this ballpark? Did you know that? I didn’t know that. Of course, I’m not paid to know that. You know, like Curt Young and Tito. And Tito even responded when asked yesterday about Lackey’s history- saying Lackey’s recent turnaround at spring training could negate history. How’d that decision work out for you, Tito?

Really, John Lackey? Really?

And, by the way, was Adrian Beltre this good for us? Can we get him back? We can let him have John Lackey.

Clay Buchholz. Could you do me a favor and pretend the Rangers are the Orioles? K. Thanks.

I still have occasional PTSD tremors from Smoltz flashbacks, so I don’t entirely trust players that come out of Atlanta, I’m going to be honest. Plus the per-capita Brave fan ratio in North Carolina grates on me a wee bit…

The positives. Jacoby. This could really be his year. He’s always had the speed and the tenacity. This could be the year he adds the power.

David Ortiz. A new record and a refreshed attitude. He’s a guy who can get psyched out by intense media pressure, and he’s holding his own right now. He’s keeping positive and I’m hoping that attitude is contagious in the dugout.

Kevin Youkilis. Because Kevin Youkilis is ALWAYS a positive.

Gonzalez. Because at least SOMEBODY (ahem, Crawford, ahem, Crawford) is worth the money.

Can we trade Crawford to get Beltre back?

2:05 p.m. I’ve got to jet at like 4ish, so if you guys could hold down the fort and, oh, I don’t know, not let yesterday happen again, that would be swell.

Just two games…

Three strikes in baseball.

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