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Papi, my Papi

Oh, Lester…


“Obviously it’s not what I wanted to do. Do I want it to be better? Yeah, I wanted it to be better yesterday,” Lester said. “I just have to take the same mind-set that I’ve been taking, the same work ethic that I’ve been doing the past four years and just go out and pitch. I sat here last year and said it’s going to get better eventually, and I still believe that. I don’t think it has anything to do with the month, or the time of year or anything. It’s about executing pitches, and I wasn’t able to do that today.”


Bad news and more bad news.

Let’s try to focus on the positive, k? Jacoby’s not broken. That’s something.

Did you guys see this load?

Sorry. I forgot. We’re focusing on the positive.

Like how Ortiz made us leap out our seats… just like old times.


“That was a real good swing,” manager Terry Francona said. “I actually thought he was going to hit the ball out of the ballpark. You’re always looking for reasons to be encouraged.


“I just have to keep swinging the bat, man,’’ Ortiz said. “Just battle every day and hope things start to turn.’’


Here’s for positive thinking: Lackey’s back!

Happy Soxing.


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