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Tek, Check!

 This weekend was good for the spirit… unless you were a farmer. Double losses for Kansas, 8-3 and 8-6, respectively Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was especially pretty,watching Beckett battle his way (literally) back to the top. Unfortunately- didn’t get to catch it live (moving day! In the new house!), but did catch the highlights… including the five home runs- including… let’s see if I can say it without tearing up- the TWO from Tek.

Even my other favorite guy got play:


Mike Lowell …made a dazzling back-handed diving stop to rob Yuniesky Betancourt of a hit in the second.

“I believe we have good depth on the team,” said Lowell. “But it definitely feels good when guys that haven’t gotten at-bats have quality at-bats and help score some runs. This was a nice win for us. Hopefully we can finish off the series tomorrow and then we head off to Minnesota on a good note.”


And finish it out they did…

“It just goes to show if you make pitches, you get outs,” said Beckett.

 Bill Hall came out swinging… and swinging. 0-3 yesterday. He did prove himself a triple threat defensively, however, playing shortstop, right field and left field yesterday.

Yeah, Clay gave us a few worries… and Jacoby made me forget to breathe there for a sec… but it just feels good to win again, no? Beckett bombed opening day- and played through 7 innings Saturday… I’m holding out hope for Clay to put his first day behind him.

And Ortiz? Well…

 Tonight’s game marks the premiere of baseball at the Twins’ new Target Field.

Hopefully Lester can pull a Beckett…


In sad news- Lowell? Retiring?!

 “No, I don’t [look ahead], because this probably is my last year,” said Lowell.

Hope it’s in a Sox uniform…


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