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Kansas, Schmansas

4-3… Kansas?

Problems Defense.


Coming on the heels of a similar defeat against the Yankees – Bard allowed an inherited runner to tie that game, too – the early returns are not good.

“It’s tough,” Bard said. “Wake did a heck of a job. (John) Lackey did a heck of a job (Wednesday against the Yankees), and we haven’t gotten them wins. I carry a lot of that on my shoulders. I’m going to keep trucking, not let it affect me too much. I feel like I’m still making pitches. I’m not going to look at it as anything more than that.”

Problems Offense.

Six of Boston’s nine starters are hitting .250 or lower through the first four games.

Oh, Jason Bay…

Okay, that might be a little dramatic. It’s not like our boys aren’t trying…

“We’ll do a better job,” said Pedroia. “I’ll do a better job. We’ve got to get on base more. We have to score more runs, and we will. I promise you that.”

There is some good news


“Francona strongly hinted that backup catcher Jason Varitek [stats] will make his first start of the season tonight…

Francona would prefer that Varitek catch right-hander Josh Beckett [stats] tonight and have Victor Martinez catch right-hander Clay Buchholz tomorrow.”


Tek’s back, baby. And, we’re assured Lowell will see some play this weekend.

Can Beckett step it up from Sunday?

Can Ortiz hit and NOT be ejected from a game (even thought I’m with him on that strike zone)?

Will JD Drew hit another homer? Will anyone but me notice?

Will I ever forgive Daniel Bard?

Find out tonight in Kansas City.

PS- The Yankees lost. To Tampa. 🙂


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  1. April 10, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    Hey, you’ve been leaving comments on my blog so I figured it would be cool if I checked yours out. It’s pretty nice.

    Go Sox! (they Rox!)

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