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Go Posada yourself.


So, the Sox Posada-ed themselves last night. 6-4 Stankees.

Is my verb catching on yet?

It might be an easier sell if Trunkneck would err in his offense.

 Let’s see, last night I…

Watched the majority of the game by myself at an unfriendly bar… friends were an hour late… then they had to leave in the bottom of an unfriendly 8th, leaving me with a half a pitcher of beer and a poor temperament.

Almost threw mustard and a mason jar at this guy who thought he was being clever but was actually just being a cookie cutter Braves fan (sorry, Alice)… and probably didn’t know the difference between NL and AL, because he said something weird about Curt Schilling.

Won $5 from drunk guy at bar who said, “no, he won’t steal. It’s too early in the game.”

Was laughed at for jumping up and down by myself in the first inning.

Was laughed at for screaming across bar at television by myself in subsequent innings.

Was schmoozed by drunk ass at bar who thought that, because he was familiar with swanky terms like “Bambino” and knew what happened in 1986 that we were soul mates. For the sake of organization, let’s call creepo Pancakelips.

Was asked not to be offended when subject of foiled mason jar attempt “explained” to me that even I could “clearly see” the Sox win Sunday had been a fluke, and, “come on, really, if someone had told you Beckett would have bombed, would you have still predicted a win?” “Yes,” I say, “I believe in Youk-driven offense.” “Yeah, well, you’re obviously not a real Sox fan. Real Sox fans believe in the pitching staff,” he says. (that’s when condiment incident #2 happened. Or didn’t happen. Thanks to careful intervention by Bartender Don.)

Texted wayyyy too many Sox fans to make up for the giant empty chairs next to me.

I REALLY need to meet some Sox fans.

 My friend Nicole and I are going to start a club. But that’s irrelevant unless you live on the mountain… do you? Please say you do…

 Lessons: Beware your pitching staff.

That’s right, folks. As I (ahem!) predicted, our defense isn’t what it appeared to be last week. Anyone else wonder where Lester was last night?

With the Beckett contract extension, the Sox should be set, right? At least that’s what was touted earlier this week. The trio of Beckett, Lackey and Lester is supposed to dazzle us, right? We’re 2 out of 3 and I’m not dazzled.

First innings, at least, go well…

An interesting tidbit- Lester has started Boston’s second game of the season three times and has yet to make it past five innings in those games- a 0-2 record with a 9.00 ERA.

 Ortiz, Ortiz, Ortiz. We talked about this, remember? Remember than time last year… when you were in a slump and I said, “Okay, Papi, you hit this out of the park and I name my first kid after you?”

Well, there’s a puppy named Elliott Ortiz who proves you still had it. Get it back. I know it’s only two games… but after last year… get it back!

 And JD Drew- okay, I let you slide on Sunday, but seriously, where is your bat? My husband  can’t do it alone…

Scut. 😦

 Finally- umpires- Really? Let a few slide Sunday because, after all, we did win… but check this visual of the exchange between Okajima and Nick Johnson.

Shows a clear strike out- unless, of course, you’re home plate umpire Angel Hernandez.

 Silver soxy lining- Jacoby! He’s fun to watch, free tacos or no free tacos. And, thanks to an obnoxious idiot at the bar last night, he won me $5, so I can’t complain. There was serious speculation about his hitting abilities Sunday- but I think he stood out last night with that double steal. He’s the guy you want on base- because you know he’ll advance no matter what, and you know he’ll be a hell of a lot of fun to watch as he’s running.

 And, okay, Victor Martinez… that guy I want to dislike because my poor Tekky’s in a dugout… yeah, okay… he was kind of awesome…

 Keep those Yankee jokes coming. Surely you can think of some by now…

Here’s hoping Lackey’s worth the salary!



 Dear Terry Francona,

 Please share this with your pitching staff. When your pitcher starts hitting batters with fastballs and walking Yankees into runs, pull him sooner. PS- Maybe you could get Masterson back if you traded both Okajima AND Delcarmen. Food for thought. Share with Theo. You can pretend it’s your idea.

And perhaps Ortiz and Lowell could trade places for awhile? Thanks.



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  1. Michael
    April 8, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Posada yourself…well played Lauren 😉

  2. FireDannyAinge
    April 20, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    My least favorite Yankee of all time. Jorge Posada.

  3. April 21, 2011 at 12:22 am

    I wouldn’t say of ALL time.
    But currently, hell to the yes.
    I really have a lot of hate for Johnny Damon.
    With Matsui it’s more primal fear.

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